Letter Spacing Responsive

Yes, even letter-spacing gets responsive love in Beard. Why would you need responsive letter-spacing? Whenever spaced out text changes in size, it's helpful to have the letter-spacing change with it. These helpers make it easy to do so in a similar way to the font-sizing helpers.

Name Class
Level 1 .ls1
Level 2 .ls2
Level 3 .ls3
Level 4 .ls4
Level 5 .ls5
Level 6 .ls6
Level 7 .ls7
Level 8 .ls8
Level 9 .ls9
Level 10 .ls10


<h1 class="ls2 md-ls4 xlg-ls7">Eye-Catching Heading!!!</h1>

The text above would be aligned left by default, center on the medium breakpoint, right on the large breakpoint, and back to left on the extra large breakpoint.